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cathy, geoff, ryan, and GINGER are pretty hot.
bloomington, indiana and playing pop-punk are pretty hot.



After a long hiatus, Pretty Hot has started playing again, this time with Ginger from One Reason playing drums.  We have pretty much all new songs that sound dramatically different from the old ones.  We're going to start playing shows pretty soon.  It's exciting.

Geoff and Pretty Hot





2007.01.13 - Bloomington, IN @ Guilty Pleasures House w/ Japanther and Jerk Alert

2005.04.13 - Bloomington, IN @ The Mahoney Tabernacle w/ The Door-Keys, Dust from 1000 Years, Davey

2005.03.09 - Bloomington, IN @ 321 W Wylie w/ Dave Dean's Musical Forklift, Ghost Mice, Rymodee, and What the Kids Want

2004.12.07 - Bloomington, IN - Greg Harvester Benefit Show @ Rockits Pizza w/ The Door-keys, Puppy vs. Dyslexia, and What the Kids Want

2004.11.15 - Bloomington, IN @ The Fuck What You Heard House w/ The Door-keys, The Tim Version, and The Grabass Charlestons

2004.09.19 - Cincinatti, OH w/ The Door-keys, Rapider Than Horsepower

2004.09.18 - Charlottesville, VA @ 122 Summit St. w/ The Good Good, others

2004.09.17 - Washington, DC @ The Warehouse Next Door w/ The Good Good, others

2004.09.16 - Florence, SC @ Walt's Apartment w/ The Good Good, Red Letter Suicide and Kung Fu Power Karate

2004.09.15 - Athens, GA @ Tight Pockets w/ The Good Good and Athens Boys Choir

2004.09.14 - St. Augustine, FL @ Loose Screws w/ Solid Pony

2004.09.13 - Tampa, FL @ Skate Park of Tampa w/ The Good Good and This Bike is a Pipebomb

2004.09.12 - Gainesville, FL @ The Ark w/ The Good Good, This Bike is a Pipebomb

2004.09.11 - Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's w/ The Good Good, This Bike is a Pipebomb, others

2004.09.10 - Baton Rouge, LA @ 5445 Highland Rd w/ The Good Good, This Bile is a Pipebomb, Warwick, and Silent Cinema

2004.09.09 - Little Rock, AR @ a pavillion by the river w/ The Good Good, Soophie Nun Squad, others

2004.09.08 - Cleveland, MS @ The Farmhouse w/ The Good Good, This Bike is a Pipebomb

2004.09.07 - Memphis, TN @ The Caravan w/ The Good Good, One Reason, Tree of Knowledge Book Distro, and Amanda Lefevre

2004.09.06 - Bloomington, IN @ Lower Cascades Park Shelter w/ The Good Good, This Bike is a Pipebomb, Psychic Sister

2005.02.02 - Louisville, KY @ The Black Bear Lair w/ Ghost Mice. 6:30p.



DEMO CD-R 2 (released september 2004)

01. Where in the World is Diana Spitzers? [ogg] [mp3]
02. Slingshots [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
03. Carlise [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
04. The Monsters Under the Bed Aren't Real but the Ghost in the Kitchen Is [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
05. Get Lost! [ogg] [mp3]
06. The Alchemist [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
07. Shock and Awe [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]

DEMO CD-R (released spring 2004)

01. the monsters under the bed aren't real but the ghost in the kitchen is [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
02. slingshots [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
03. the alchemist [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
04. bitchin' camaro [ogg] [mp3]
05. shock and awe [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]
06. carlisle [lyrics] [ogg] [mp3]



the monsters under the bed aren't real but the ghost in the kitchen is

we couldn't see her but she was there
my dog would watch her, he'd sit and stare
i heard her footsteps when no one was home
i felt her presence when i was alone

she would get mad and slam the cupboards
she would get restless and stomp on the floor
and i don't know why, but maybe she likes us
'cause she doesn't get mad much anymore

and in bed at night, i'd hide under the sheets
she gave me goosebumps, and gave me the creeps


when we took our slingshots and smashed the glass on the suv
were we suddenly more safe or suddenly more free?
and did the symbolism mean anything to anyone but me?
or did we forget what we were driving for?

i've got a sneaking suspicion that this feels like revenge
and that we're caught up in a cycle that seems like it never ends

and i'd like to believe that i could be smart enough or tough enough to force everyone to agree.
but there's a trade-off in this game we play:
between waging wars and living life as we please

the alchemist

these letters i've written
go abandoned
still these posters remind us
that we were once convinced we cared
this postcard roulette (i'm not so sure i regret)
and gallery of faces
were they the marks of the times we wasted?
or the times that made us whole?

now pretending that better suits make progress
or apathy, a point of view
when we could make gold

shock and awe

i was shocked and awed at your sign that read "go bucks" on the other side of a messages expressing your willingness for going to war.
and i guess i see how you'd be confused when the team colors on the tv news make long bombs and dropped bombs look the same.

and i know that the flames that burn to the roofs in the post-game riots
aren't half as bad as those that burn a world away
i'm just scared of our capacity for wanton violence
and all the things we're too afraid to say

i was shocked and awed at the time that you kicked me in the thigh as you rode by on your bmx bike as i was walking at night with my friend
and i guess i see how you'd relate someone like me with the things you hate
i guess i never really thought of myself that way

and i know that these issues of race and culture and economic power
are playing themselves out all over the place
i'm just scared of coming to terms with the part i play in it
and all the things we're too afraid to say


last night i went to a party between the pine trees and the cornfields of my old hometown and it fealt like we never left - we always talked of leaving. and i would have thought that these five years and just as many places would have left more than a scratch upon our lives.

and i don't want to grow up -
but that doesn't mean i want to stop growing.
it's right here in front of us -
these times these years were not enough.

back then it fealt like we were building something and i was building who i was.
but now i know that i have to gently dismantle it brick by brick.
still i wonder what foundation lies beneath,
but that's the only certainty we get.

we can live our lives like this is as good as it gets.
or let our dreams become our apathy.
or we can admin that the things we do and make are what we make of them.